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Bleisure: Blending Business and Leisure in Travel

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Bleisure: Blending Business and Leisure in Travel

Published on Feb 04

Surely, you've heard the expression "combine business with pleasure," right? Well, it aligns perfectly with the so-called "bleisure travels," an increasingly pronounced trend among travelers. Resulting from the fusion of "business" and "leisure," terms you're likely familiar with, understanding its meaning isn't challenging: the opportunity to add moments of fun and relaxation to an essentially corporate trip.

The best part is that you can do this in most destinations; after all, there's no place in the world that doesn't deserve exploration. However, there's a specific country, already well-known to Brazilians, that seamlessly combines entertainment and business: the United States. Florida, for example, offers attractions that alone can fill weeks and weeks of activities. That's precisely why those fortunate enough to land in the States for work can – and should! – extend the itinerary whenever possible, taking advantage of the famous vacation homes to add privacy and freedom for the entire stay.

Keyword: Planning

Travel dates, duration, scheduled commitments, local infrastructure, and points of interest. Having each of these pieces of information at your fingertips is crucial for organizing a successful bleisure travel. The goal is to define a schedule that balances work and leisure harmoniously.

Pro Tip: If there's flexibility in choosing the departure date, it's worth trying to overlap weekdays with holidays, weekends, days off, or even vacation periods. In such cases, the passenger can even bring family and friends on the trip, especially if the itinerary includes destinations like Orlando and Kissimmee, where fantasy and entertainment reign.

And the Accommodation Goes to...

How about going all out on accommodation and turning a bleisure travel into a truly unforgettable experience? In addition to a cozy and well-equipped structure, vacation homes bring with them the conveniences found in hotels, with the difference that, within them, privacy is a constant companion. In other words, no one needs to worry about noise or adapt to the routine that naturally prevails in hotel establishments. Inside the property, the guest sets the rules, enjoying the same freedom they would have in their own residence. And when the stay is extended? There's nothing better and more welcoming than having an entire house at your disposal and feeling like a true American, getting the chance to go to the supermarket, buy local products, and lead a lifestyle worthy of a native.

Why Homes are a Good Deal

With a range of homes of different styles and sizes, located near theme parks, on the route to outlets, in shopping centers, or in strategic locations to visit various tourist attractions, choosing where to stay is no easy task, believe me. The good news is that difficulties end shortly after making that decision, considering the extensive list of conveniences available to visitors. Want some examples? We have several! Highlights include high-speed Wi-Fi, cable channels, washing and drying machines, dishwasher, complete leisure space, as well as local support and 24-hour service, with professionals fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, trained to clarify any doubts.

And don't forget the various available services, designed to meet every need and responsible for elevating aspects like "comfort" and "convenience" to entirely new levels. They encompass a bit of everything: tidying up and cleaning, thematic decoration, grocery item delivery, babysitting, concierge, pool heating, character breakfasts... In short, the traditional and irresistible magic of the land of Mickey can stay with you, even if, at first, the trip has a purely corporate character.

"Choosing a house as a means of accommodation during a bleisure travel is literally a good deal, providing the comfort and well-being necessary for the visitor to escape the routine without, however, neglecting the focus on work and travel commitments. This is the opportunity to feel at home even during working hours," explains Fabio Cardoso, COO of UNE HOMES, representing one of the largest vacation home rental managers in Florida.

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